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If you possess an artistic spirit, individuality, an eco-conscious perspective, and your own sense of positive living, and you want to express yourself and emphasize this in your environment, this is your place. Welcome!

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Create Your Place suitable to Your Art Spirit

Transform Your Space with Artistic Flair!

Elevate every corner of your living space with captivating art accents that breathe life into your surroundings. Introducing our contemporary series of interior art solutions, meticulously crafted in partnership with premier artisans, designed to infuse your home with unparalleled quality and style. Explore our curated collection today and discover the perfect piece to complement your aesthetic vision.

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d.i.y. digital products that help people bring beauty to their personal or business projects

This passion has inspired me to create my new dream project "SunShine Doodles"- a place where I offer products that help you bring beauty to your personal or business projects. I want to be a part of Your stories, assisting you in expressing individuality, standing out on social media, and showing love and gratitude to your loved ones in a unique way. Welcome to my world, where beauty merges with style and individuality!

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My name is Radina

but friends call me "D'Amore" - a nickname I acquired in Italy that has become a part of who I am. Over the years, I've discovered that true passion for what you do adds a beautiful touch to everything. I engage in drawing and graphic design in my art studio in Europe.

The decision to give my artworks a longer life led me to create diverse various products that will add an artistic spirit and joy to your everyday life.

I believe art should be a part of everyone's daily life, so I made them accessible and functional.